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Our First Member's Event on the Island

On Sunday, April 30, the Friends of Deerfield Island Park (FoDIP) had our first event on Deerfield Island. About 30 members were transported to the island by shuttle, and private boat to enjoy a brunch of bagels, coffee and donuts under the pavilion that is the new outdoor educational center.


President Ira Wechterman spent a few minutes giving the members an update on the groups activities, accomplishments and plans for the future. He also showed off the new chairs that FoDIP purchased and donated to the Parks department for us in the outdoor educational center.

Park Naturalist Doug Young, and President Ira Wechterman, then shared the spotlight to give a presentation on "The Strangler Fig - A Keystone Species in a Tropical Forest".  It was a fun and interesting talk complete with edible figs to taste.


After the talk, Doug led the members on a tour of the island pointing out the Strangler Figs that make a home on our island.  To read more about Strangler Figs, check out our Flora and Fauna column.



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