ROC'n on Deerfield Island

Saturday, February 24, 2018 was a special day on Deerfield Island.   The  members of Friends of Deerfield island Park (, joined in a unique adventure on Deerfield Island with members of the Florida Master Naturalist Program, Yea! (Youth Environmental Alliance),  HandsOn Broward, Broward County Parks and Recreation (Deerfield  Island Park), and the Ramblewood Middle School.




                                                             FoDIP Member Volunteers

The purpose of this adventure was to Restore Our Coastline(ROC).  60 adventurers were led by Kristen Hoss of YEA and Tanawha Presents,LLC.  Their project was to plant mangroves along the shore of Deerfield Island.  The mangroves play an important role in mitigating wave action, protecting the shoreline and providing habitat for developing plant and animal wildlife. 


                                              Newly Planted Baby Mangrove Plants


The group was also instrumental in creating an experimental Salt Marsh.  There are no longer any salt marshes in BROWARD county as a result of canal and waterway construction.  Marshes are wetlands dominated by grasses and characterized by daily tidal flooding that have a unique ecology. It is estimated that 80% of commercially valuable marine species spend part of their life cycle in salt marshes.  If this experiment is successful, it is planned to extend it to other areas of BROWARD county.


                                                 New Salt Marsh and Waterside Trail

In the course of this project, a new waterside trail was created. Visitors to the island can now stroll along the new salt marsh and observe the success or failure of this restoration project.


Funds for this project were made available through the Community Foundation of BROWARD county, Fish Florida, and the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council.


Ira Wechterman