Did you know that we now have new volunteer invasive removal buckets?  The big plastic buckets are available at our Friends of DIP kiosk and contain all you need to help remove some of the common invasive plants that can be found along the trails.

Attached to the buckets are gloves and photos of the 4 most common invasive plants that grow along the trails.  Just stop by the kiosk, fill out a volunteer form, pick up a bucket and go.  All the plants can easily be pulled out without the need for a trowel.  When the bucket is full, bring it back to the kiosk for emptying.

This is a perfect opportunity for students to fulfill their community service requirements..... or for adults who are looking for opportunities to "get their hands dirty" on the island.  (Gloves are part of the deal so hands don't actually have to get dirty).   

..... A fun and easy way to help maintain our island's natural flora and fauna.