Did You Know?

You Can Be a FoDIP Ambassador

Members of FoDIP now serve as Ambassadors on Deerfield Island when the park is open on weekends. Ambassadors greet visitors in the Welcome Kiosk, provide some basic information about the park, hand out maps and activities for children, and let them know about new and interesting places to visit. If you have 2 hours to spare on a Saturday or Sunday, enjoy meeting new people, sharing your enthusiasm for our beautiful natural setting, and want to learn more about the park, think about becoming an Ambassador. We will provide some basic training .... and perhaps pair you up with an experienced Ambassador, Contact us at info@friendsofdip.org.

Here is what our veteran Amabassador, Peggy Ross, has to say about her time on the island.

  "Two years ago when I started volunteering on Deerfield Island, I didn’t think this was for me. I am not a naturalist, but I do love children and people.....Now this has become one of the highlights of my week. Every time I step onto the shuttle, I meet wonderful people starting with the park employees and then our visitors who come from all over the world and teach me more than I do them.

I especially like taking the children to see the new wingspan exhibit and then on to the bee’s nest.

On a good day, we see a tortoise and on a great day, a manatee in the dock area. On a day with few visitors, I enjoy the quiet sounds of nature or maybe read a good book.

One time, parents with 2 chidren got off the boat looking for the playground, and when they didn’t find one, they wanted to go back to Sullivan park. I gave them the Scavenger Hunt list and expected to see them on the next boat back, but they stayed for 2 hours and hugged me before they left.

I am starting my third year as an Ambassador and am thankful for being part of FODIP and it’s plans for the future of “our” island."