Minutes FoDIP Monthly Meeting – May 10, 2019

Board Members Present:  Ira Wechterman, Mel Nass, Fred Kraske, Karen Hutson

DIP Park:  Katharine Hendrickson

Guests:  Phyllis N., Bruce H., Phylis P., Debbie F., Helene W., Holly G., Diana L., Larry R., Bob M.

Presidents Report:  Ira Wechterman

  •  Catch-up meeting with Kathrine H.  We are all glad to know that her family members’ health is much improved and she is now back to work.
  • Manatee bones have been obtained as a protected species from Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.  These are on loan to FoDIP for educational programs and must only be returned when no longer needed.  Entrusted to FoDIP, not Broward Parks and Recreation.
  • Visited the Loggerhead Marine Life Center in Juno Beach.  A wonderful experience showing that an individual’s vision can be a benefit to nature and the community at large.  Scheduling a future group trip would be enjoyable as well as broaden our perspectives.
  • Two articles in local publications last week – The “Observer” had photos with a nice article about Survivor Island.  The “Deerfield Magazine Summer Issue” listed Deerfield Island Parks as one of the best 15 sites in South Florida to visit.  They are both awaiting further developments and additional articles.
  • Michael Hudak (District 1 commissioner) was invited to today’s meeting but was unable to attend.  However, Ira will be meeting with him tomorrow (May 11) to discuss two new ideas for publicizing DIP.  1).  A flag or flutter banner at the dock for the ferry and 2).  A locked 2-sided activities announcement board at Sullivan Park also near the dock area).
  • Discussed with Katharine the idea of moving kayak rental to the middle of the marina area to free-up space for activities at the kiosk while waiting for ferry.  This will be taking place in the next few weeks.
  • A “sign-up” sheet was provided for joining in with a private “Survival Island B-Day Party” to be held on the island on June 6 from 9:30-noonish.  Mel and Phyllis Nass are hosting this party as a way to provide fun for friends and FoDIP members and to become more familiar with tour guide training opportunities. Lunch will be provided and proceeds will generously be donated to FoDIP.

Vice President:  Pat McGonigal – No report today

Treasurer:  Lynn Allen – No report today

Membership:  Holly Goldberg – Approx. 8 individual memberships and One New Lifetime Membership Irene Yuvo. 

Communications:  Caroline Steffen (given by Holly) – Thank you for the hard work of this committee in furthering FoDIP into social media.  Holly gave the group a brief tutorial demonstrating the benefits of Facebook and Hashtag.  (#fodipbroward).  More detailed info. and instruction to come soon (a “tech talk”).  This media outlet will allow for much quicker and up-to-date delivery of information as needed for members or visitors to island.

Website:  Helene Wechterman – Nothing new at this time, but invites anyone to share new topic ideas at any time.  Will be trying to place a “Question Box” at each monthly meeting for anyone to write down a subject or a particular question for our naturalists.   These naturalists will research and answer in a small article for placement in newsletter/website.

Outreach:  Mel Nass – 1. Phone messages by Julia indicate the proposed Chinese artwork project will not work out for both parties.  2.  Proposed going to a few local boating groups to promote DIP opportunities.

Education:  Merryl Kafka (given by Ira) – Two or three wood trunk sections will be collected and painted for seating at kiosk for the kids.  A large section of wood from (Quiet Waters Park) will be used for a table.  Stenciling will be used to decorate the seating/table.

Broward Parks and Recreation:  Katharine Hendrickson

  • Requesting to be placed at the beginning of agenda for future monthly meetings.
  • A “thank you” to FoDIP members for “well wishes” during her time away caring for family members.
  • Reminder of the need to complete monthly time sheets.
  • Caroline Steffen will be working on Plant Tags with Katharine.  Also designing an “E-Naturalist Phone Talk”.
  • Diana L. will be working with Katharine in the future on animal exhibits.
  • Monthly Calendar to be on Newsletter/Instagram soon
  • Planning a “Top 10 Things To Do” Banner to be placed on shuttle.
  • Making arrangements for FoDIP to purchase “clay sand” for the The Big Dip.
  • New Kayak Posts will be placed just west of marina.
  • Chef Shane will be available for Special Events on the island. (i.e. Art in the Park)
  • Will be posting flyers about options for B-day, Scouting, Wedding, etc. promotional events to be held on island.
  • New benches are on the island and will be replacing the old blue ones along the trails.
  • New trash and recycling bins coming soon (animal proof).
  • Still looking at the real possibility of expanding hours of operation.  Commission will resume meetings in early Fall and make decisions at that time. 
  • Encouraging others to join in on various large grant writing opportunities.
  • New E-Naturalist Jr. (seek and find) game for children coming soon.

Old Business:

  1. ROC on DIP – 50 participants, 3 organizations, 6 FoDIP members.
  2. Tortoise Walk and Talk postponed
  3. Brochure Update – waiting on new photos

New Business: 

Introduced discussion of various ways of displaying Lifetime and Patron Lifetime Memberships. TBD

Larry R. also introduced an idea of using “Donate a Dollar” and get a tiny turtle key chain (display at kiosk).  He also has some cool ideas for walking stick creations.  TBD


Next Monthly Meeting is not until July 12, 2019                 Be at Sullivan Park at 9:30 a.m.