DIP Board Meeting, Friday, June 16, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 10:10 a.m. Board members present were Ira Wechterman, Fred Kraske, Lynn Allen, Karen Hutson, and Emily Murphy.  Other members present were Helene Wechterman, Ken Murphy, Katharine Hendrickson, and Hannie Amadeo.  Also present was a visitor who is considering membership.


President:  Ira opened the meeting with a generous handout of a Chamber of Commerce card to all FoDIP board members.  Utilize this “Member Advantage Program” for local discounts.

  • Discussed FoDIP first formal program (strangler fig/tour) and how it was successfully covered by  both local newspapers.
  • Discussed FODIP letter that was sent out to Parks Department supporting their application for the mangrove walkway.  We should hear of voting decision very soon.
  • Discussion of Ira’s involvement with Broward Environmental Master’s Program.  Current topic series is Habitat. Next topic series (in the fall) will be Coastal Environment.  If interested contact Ira Wechterman. 
  • Discussed looking into the possibility for an instructor to lead a small group class for members.

Treasurer:  Lynn gave the treasurer’s report indicating the following funds on hand:                                  Total Funds     $52,000  (with $45,000 designated for the ADA walkway)      

Membership:  Emily reported 2 renewals for the month of June.                                                                  71 current annual members ;  13 lifetime members ;  84 TOTAL

Outreach:  Mel will have an update in September

Ambassador:  Fred will pick back up with Ambassador Program in the Fall.  Katharine indicated the Parks Dept. will now be advertising for Volunteers (A new Volunteer Opportunity Program) for Ambassadors to work on the DIP as well as our own group.  Fred and Katharine will be coordinating these two ambassador volunteer groups.  We are looking at this change as a positive way to increase exposure of FoDIP to surrounding community.  More details to follow.  Also a suggestion was made to rethink ideas for timeslots for ambassador program.

Old Business:

- New Brochure -  3 changes (one photo change/ 4:00 departure/ close-toe shoes.                                     JM Enterprise, Inc. has approved brochure.  Helene will be making these changes.

- The 12 benches purchased by FoDIP have been delivered and should be assembled by August and used at Outdoor Educational Facility.  

- Wingspan Project – Ira is waiting on a third vendor’s estimate.  Need to consider weather resistant materials.

- Donation Box -  FoDIP purchased a new donation box for shuttle boat.  Seems to be working well.  Will plan to purchase a second box for kiosk area on island.

- ADA walkway “deckboards” are still in the plan but must wait for construction company to have input as to the specific design.

New Business:

  • Suggestions were made by FoDIP members to include a short activity for children and/or adults upon arrival to DIP.  (For example:  simple scavenger hunt, geocache. Etc)   After much discussion of ideas, Katharine will be taking on this project and getting back with us this Fall. 
  • Suggestions for Income/Donations:
  1. Organize small “Talks” on island using benches and ask for donation if enjoyed.
  2. Aloe Plants to sell on island
  3. Look at opportunities with local restaurant(s) to help publicize our organization and donate proceeds during a specific timeframe
  •  Suggestions for Shirts for FoDIP Board members only at this time.
  • FoDIP will be purchasing an enclosed bulletin board to place in the HCC office area (hallway) displaying current DIP events and/or information.  Brochures are also in the office.


Meeting adjourned at 11:45

Next Board Meeting is scheduled for Aug 25 at 10:30 a.m.

Submitted by

Karen Hutson