Minutes FoDIP Board Meeting – November 9, 2018

Board Members Present:  Ira Wechterman, Pat McGonigal, Karen Hutson, Lynn Allen, Fred Kraske, Mel Nass

DIP Park:  Armaghan

Guests:  Bruce H., Eileen M., Jan M., Holly G., Helene W., Peggy R., Phyllis N.

Presidents Report: Ira Wechterman

Ira opened meeting with announcement that Katharine has taken personal leave to help care for her fiancé as he is in hospital due to a motorcycle accident.  A “Get Well” card was passed around at meeting for signing as desired.  Ira will be contacting Katharine again in a couple of days.

WingSpan Project is beautiful and fully installed!  It is located next to the outdoor classroom.  Photo has been submitted to local newspapers.  Children and adults alike are enjoying “measuring up” and having personal pics made as they converse about our local birds.  Future topics/signage are already being discussed (i.e. bird nests, beaks, feeding habits, etc.). Permission has been given for other parks to use this design for future signage and educational opportunities. 

Halloween Event was successful with 33 kids joining in on the fun.  Three very well-prepared hands-on science stations were provided by our fantastic Parks Department employees.  As they were leaving the island, each child was handed a bag of candy and a bottle of water.  Parents and staff were extremely complimentary of this fund-raiser event and wanted to know more about DIP activities.  The amount raised was $271.00.

Parks Department: 

-No university partner has come forward at this time but Parks Department is ready to proceed with ADA compliant walkway ASAP, removal of existing mangrove walkway to make room for future walkway, and placement of “Tony” the tortoise statue.

-Several exhibits in the planning process (diorama) including seasonal (changeable) exhibits.

-FIND continues to be very impressed with FoDIP’s and Parks Department’s progression and voted recently to continue plans with replacing existing dock with a floating dock for easier access.

Applied and approved for vendor registration with the State of Florida as a nonprofit, allowing State grant payments to come to FoDIP for use by the Broward Parks Departments.  This will give us more control, shorter time span, and cuts out a lot of “red tape” that delays construction projects.

Vice President: Pat McGonigal

Coastal Cocktails is coming soon…December 1, 2018!

Pat will be needing many volunteers from our FoDIP members.  Please contact her or the website to let her know how you can be of assistance.  (Servers, various set-up needs, and clean-up needs).

  1.  Expecting 100-130 ticket holders.   
  2. Key Club will be helping with auction items/raffle tickets. 
  3. Bar Tenders – Secured
  4. Long Tables – Armaghan will assist with obtaining more tables from Quiet Waters
  5. Need signage for Auction Items
  6. Brochures need to be completed by November 20
  7. Need to make reusable “around the neck” tags for ticket holders. 
  8. Tours Guides are already assigned but will have a quick meeting before December 1. TBD 

Treasurer and Nominating Committee: Lynn Allen

WingSpan Project has been fully funded by FoDIP and the Claire Freelander Foundation at a total of $10,380.

Also, a reminder that AmazonSmile and Face Book Charity are opportunities for donations to FoDIP.

In keeping with the bylaws, the Nominating Committee proposed the following for the 2019 FoDIP Board:

  1.  Current FoDIP Board Members should remain “as is”.
  2.  To establish a policy for future Board Candidates to provide a brief written letter clarifying simple personal information, background experience, and what he/she would be able to contribute to the FoDIP Board.
  3.  To vote and accept Caroline Steffen as a new FoDIP Board Member

Board then unanimously voted to accept all three of the above proposals.

Outreach:  Mel Nass

Introduced the idea of FoDIP joining together on island during local Christmas boat parade.  Group decided this was an idea worth looking at for next year. This year’s outreach idea is for all FoDIP members available to gather around our banner at Sullivan Park the evening of Boat Parade (Dec. 14?) to cheer on the boat entries and meet people who may have an interest in the DIP.  Holly may have access to lighting.


Membership and Communication:  Helene Wechterman

Website was down for approx. for one week.  Helene was able to contact and manage a server situation to get the site back working.  Thank you for your diligence. 

Helene totaled the various type memberships and determined we currently have 175 FoDIP members.


Education:  Barb Collins

No report today. 


Fundraising:  Ira Wechterman

Will be working on variety of tour ideas (single simple tour on island and package tour ideas with other businesses).  Need to work on creating tour ideas individually and bring to group for discussion.

Old Business:

Large signage in Nature Center for acknowledgement of donors.

New Business:

  1. Tour guide review with Katharine (for Coastal Cocktails only).   Ira will need to talk with Katharine first and then will contact those specific tour guides with details. 
  2. New Tour Guide Training is December 12 @ 10:00 am on island. 
  3. Dismissed meeting at 11:15 and walked to WingSpan Project for viewing.


Next Meeting:  Friday, December 14, 2018  10am  9:30 ferry

Respectfully Submitted: Karen Hutson, Recording Secy