Minutes FoDIP Board Meeting – September 14, 2018

Board Members Present: Ira Wechterman, Pat McGonigal, Mel Nass, Karen Hutson, Meryl Kafka, Lynn Allen

DIP Park: Katharine, Eric, Doug, and Armagan

Guests:  Amy T., Barb and Jeff C., David and Dorie L. Caroline S., Eileen M., Helene W.

Presidents Report: Ira Wechterman

Welcome back from summer activities and looking forward to an exciting year for FoDIP.                         -  Coastal Cocktails is rescheduled for Saturday, November 17, 2018 from 2:00-7:00 pm. Music from 3:00-6:00 pm.  Rain date: Sunday, November 18, 2018.  This will be FoDIP’s first major community event on the island.  See below for more details.

Board approved and signed a letter to Dan West to encourage beginning construction of the ADA walkway.

- “Tony the Tortoise” is now resting in storage at Quiet Waters Park from his long trip from the Pocono Mtns. Cost of transporting this 1400 lb. metal statue was approx. $1,500 and is currently working on getting this paid for by another grant. Stay tuned for the day when “Tony” will be lifted by crane over to DIP for all to enjoy.  Ira is developing a small coloring book depicting the “story” behind this new exhibit. 

- Katharine and Ira went to Dadonna Studios and saw initial cut-outs of WingSpan Project.  This completed project will be a one-of-kind teaching exhibit delineating life size bird wings and their feather configurations.  “How Do You Measure Up?” will head up this 10- foot sign creating an excitement for children to compare their own arm length to a bird’s wingspan.  At this time plans are to place this beautiful exhibit close to the outdoor classroom in the shaded area just off the trail.

Vice President: Pat McGonigal:

Beginning to plan for Coastal Cocktails and in need of volunteers for a variety of tasks…primarily need a couple more restaurants to provide finger food(s) for 300 people on November 17.  FoDIP will provide recognition for all donations. 

A Volunteer Meeting is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 28 at 10:00 am on the island.   Please mark your calendar to see what YOU can do to assist with this exciting event. 

Any additional person who would like to attend event but does not have a ticket will need to become a member for $25 plus $20 for a ticket. Helene will redo the invitations with that information

Treasurer:  Lynn Allen

Looked at some the financial achievements in the past three years for FoDIP.

  • $45K donation from JM Enterprise (ADA compliant walkway)
  • $40K““““(TBD for nature center)
  • $4,100 chairs and benches for educational center purchased by FoDIP
  • $3K(FODIP)  plus $7,500 (Claire Freidlander Family Foundation donation) for purchase of WingSpan Project
  • $1,400 so far for “Tony the Tortoise”
  • $250 donation from Collins for Nature Brochures
  • Approx. 1K for projector plus donation by Amy Tanner
  • Canopy purchase by FODIP
  • These have been earmarked or already purchased.  Current operating budget is at $2,953. Much of this will supplement Coastal Cocktails as needed.  Future activities on DIP, building memberships, and shuttle donations will help increase our operating expenses.

Outreach: Mel Nass

After Board discussion of “Booth set Ups” for marketing purposes, it was decided that we will only participate in a couple of “high impact” community events.   FODIP will primarily partner with Broward County Parks Dept. for marketing specific activities and accepting donations/payments. Bringing people to the island for tours, talks, etc. will generate more income for the benefit of DIP.

Membership:  Helene Wechterman

68 Active Memberships              18  Lifetime Memberships           Total 130 Members


Communications:  Helene Wechterman

Discussion of how to recognize Major Donors and our Lifetime Memberships

Will repeat request for Coastal Cocktail volunteers in next newsletter.


Barb Collins has created a nice hand- held size tour guide book specific to DIP. Katharine will be printing copies of pages and FoDIP will purchase the pocket books ($1 each).

Tour Guide Training for FoDIP members is scheduled for December 15. 2018 (10:00 am on the island).  Let Katharine know if you are interested.

Ambassador Training will simply be using a “Buddy Up” System with an experienced FoDIP Ambassador.

A Public Notice for Guided Tours by FoDIP will be displayed at kiosk on a marker board until further notice.

Fund Raising: 

Katharine presented a list of ideas and discussion with FoDIP.  The following are some (but not all inclusive) of the ideas suggested and discussed. 

  • Trail Tours using trained FoDIP members as guides as required
  • Specific Educational Topic Talks presented on  the island.   
  • Using Facebook  Promotions 
  • Internal Marketing thru Parks Department.  Need two months lead time to promote and prepare most  activities.
  •  Placing FoDIP events into the several local newspapers                           
  •  Amazon Smile – FoDIP is now registered with Amazon Smile.  A small percentage (0.5%) will be donated to FoDIP as a preregistered Amazon account holder makes a purchase.  Look for a link on website.                                                        
  • Many educational activities are coming up thru the Parks Department (i.e. survivor island, boy scout projects, Little Dig at DIP, water bottle filling station, 4 Ocean Company partnership, and many more).

Old Business:

  1. Deerfield Camp Day: FoDIP members who participated were Mel, Phyllis, Helene, Ira, Pat, and Karen
  2. Field Books have arrived - $5 for Board, Guides, and Ambassadors.   $7 for others.

New Business:

  1.  The Littlle Dig on DIP will be funded through the JM Family Enterprises.  FoDIP Board voted and approved a $12k earmarked purchase for sand and “bones” creating this initial site.
  2. F.I.N.D. owner and benefactor of Deerfield Island would like to have a social event on DI on Thursday, October 11, 2018 from 5:00-8:00 pm.  They will not be needing our assistance for beverages service after all but we are invited to attend and act as greeters and hosts.  Please were green shirts.  F.I.N.D. will be funding the marina redesign and we are an active part of the construction of the new Mangrove Walkway.
  3. FoDIP Board voted to host a Halloween Extravaganza as a “fund raiser” on October 27. 2018 on DI during a portion of regular opening hours (12 noon- 4).  Katharine (Parks Dept) will provide registration info., party supplies, and employees.  We will need to assist as needed during event and provide water bottles and snack (TBD).  Cost will be $8.00 per person and payment will be onsite.  Registrants will need to be signed up by Oct. 24. FoDIP will also need to assist with marketing due to last minute plan. 
  4. Mangrove Walkway construction at this time looks like it will begin in January, 2019.
  5. Discussion of how to recognize FoDIP’s Major Donors and Lifetime Memberships (TBD). Barb and Helene will look into this project further.
  6. Discussion of Future Boardwalk planks “Building the Boardwalk” as a fundraiser (TBD).



Next FoDIP Meeting:  October 12, 2018  10:00 am  Ferry by 9:15