Minutes FoDIP Board Meeting – June 16, 2018

Board Members Present:  Ira Wechterman, Pat McGonigal, Fred Kraske, Mel Nass, Karen Hutson

DIP Park:  Katharine, Eric, and Audra

Guests: Ray, Lou, Hanne, Barbara, Joan, Irene, Helene, Carolyn, Phyllis, Hal

Presidents Report:  Ira Wechterman

Ira opened meeting with announcement of confirmed date for the rescheduled “Coastal Cocktails” to be Saturday, November 17, 2018 from 2:00 -7:00 pm.  Music from 3:00 – 6:00 pm.  Rain date: Sunday, November 18, 2018. This will be FoDIP’s first major community event on the island.

Fundraising:  Tours are best way for fundraising, gaining new members, and donations for Deerfield Island. 

Field Books: A $250 donation was made by Jeff and Barb Collins for the purchase of 60 Field Books to be sold to Board Members, Guides, and Ambassadors at cost ($4).  Remainder to be for sale at kiosk at marked pricing or a small discount.  “The more WE know, the more we can share with others”. Other materials we be on hand in office for review.

Wingspan Project:  Met with Tarra at Dadonna Studios on May 25 and discussed new drawings and pricing. Hopefully ready for installation by mid October.  Would like to have this project ready for viewing at Coastal Cocktails.  Broward Parks Department will decide the best placement on island.

Office has been organized thru the purchase of shelving.  A small desk, hutch, and cabinet were donated by HCC residents Jerry and Ginny Dunleavy.  This office is our FODIP home and we are all encouraged to recognize our needs and be resourceful in obtaining them.

Vice President:  Pat McGonigal

Pat will be enlisting many members to assist with Coastal Cocktails for the following committees:

     - Food Vendors (member to locate restaurant(s) who will donate food).  Helene will prepare an appropriate letter to present to potential restaurants.

     - Silent Auction (may need a few more donations)

     - Signage (assist Katharine)

     - General Supplies (most supplies are already purchased but will need replenishments)

     - Set Up Team (will need to arrive around 11:00)

     - Break Down Team (will stay late)

Helene and Pat will work together for communicating updated information to many previous tickets holders.  Members will be encouraged to start signing up for a committee as they read June newsletter.

Treasurer:  Lynn Allen (given by Helene)

A $250 donation (stated above) utilized for Field Book purchase

Donations on ferry have been slow due to several wet weather weekends.

Outreach:  Mel Nass

No report today.  Will be checking with local Yacht Clubs for possible FoDIP speaking engagements.

Membership:  Helene Wechterman

4 or 5 new memberships this month.  Also 8 or 9 renewals this month.

Communications:  Helene

Helene will set up June Newsletter with the ability to RSVP for Coastal Cocktail Committees.   Ray Moore has graciously volunteered to assist Helene with monthly newsletter production.  There will be a June, 2018 newsletter and then begin again in September, 2018.


Welcome to Audra (Environmental Science Major) to the Research Team at DIP Nature Center.  She will mapping/gathering data from gopher tortoise population on our island. 

Parks Department: Katharine

We will begin to see Mangrove Boardwalk construction in November!  She will need to coordinate specifically around Coastal Cocktails Event.

Broward Parks Department received funds (Broward County Marine Advisory Council) to completely redo the marina portion of the island.

Creating a kayak trail thru mangroves in being considered as construction begins in November.  Parks Department has many protection considerations of the mangroves already in place.  TBD

Those FODIP members who would like to consider giving the Tours on the island will notify Katharine and she will set up a Fall Schedule.  Parks Department will provide an information flyer and signage which will state “Donation is Suggested”.

Kayak Rental information – currently renting kayaks (Parks Dept. employee) but waiting on a mobile computer/POS system to arrive soon.  This will allow for easier transactions and a superior marketing tool.  Summer appears to be high season for rentals.

DIP Ambassadors – FoDIP Ambassadors receive free kayak rental.  Still looking for more ambassadors. Let Katharine know if interested and she can pair you up with another volunteer for on-the-job training.

City of Deerfield Kids Camp (July 13, 2018).  A few volunteers are needed from approx. 8:00 – 4:00 to assist on DIP with a camp of 150 kids.  Must be able to withstand the outdoor heat. 


Next FoDIP Meeting:  Friday, September 14th at 10:00.  Please be at Sullivan Park by 9:20 am for transportation to island.