Minutes     Friends of Dip Board Meeting                              10/13/17

Board Members in Attendance:  Fred Kraske, Mel Nass, Lynn Allen, Ira Wechterman, Karen Hutson, Emily Murphy

Absent: Meryl Kafka

Also in attendance:  Ken Murphy, Helene Wechterman, Barb and Jeff Collins, Bruce Hutson, Katharine Hendrickson, Sue O’Brien, Pat McGonigal, Debra Figueira, Pat Roberts

Meeting called to order at 10:00 am at the HCC clubhouse.

The minutes were accepted as posted.



*Ira Wechterman opened the meeting with a presentation of a 3D drawing of the proposed 8-10 foot Wingspan Project which was prepared by Daddona Studios.  FoDIP has submitted a Grant Application to McKee for assistance with this project and will be including this drawing for an update.  We are still looking for ideas for future grant submissions and/or fundraising opportunities.

*The back cover of July 2017 Deerfield Beach Magazine has recognized the positive impact JM Enterprise and FoDIP are making to outdoor recreational opportunities and environmental education for everyone.

Treasurer:  Lynn Allen reported that summer was slow.  Expected to increase beginning in November.  We currently have $6352 in the bank and $45000 earmarked for the ADA boardwalk. 

Membership:  Emily Murphy reported we have 65 active members, 13 lifetime members.  Will be sending 22 renewal notices out in November.

Outreach:  Mel Nass

  • FoDIP plans to primarily market ourselves directly from the kiosk area as people tour the island.
  • Lynn Allen will pursue information on Square Point of Sale (POS) as an option for prospective members to join FoDIP or make donations without having the need for immediate cash.
  • Century Village is opening their meeting for a speaker from FoDIP (Feb. 7 or March 7).
  • Looking into a FoDIP presence at Pioneer Day Beach Festival on February 18.
  • Deer Creek Subdivision opening their January association meeting for a FoDIP speaker. 
  • HCC Social Scenes will plan a tour of island.  Date TBD.

Ambassador Program:  Fred Kraske will be coordinating with Katharine utilizing an online program for volunteer sign-up with dates and times.  Hope to begin first week of November.

Old Business

Island Education:  Barb Collins, Helene Wechterman, and Rhonda Levy have joined together to design a wonderful Scavenger Hunt for kids touring the island. These scavenger hunt maps will be given out at our kiosk area and then a small “reward” for completion of the hunt.  A small nature workbook is being completed and produced to be given out to visiting children.

Fund Raising Opportunity:  Karen Hutson has contacted and discussed with “Sticky Buns” restaurant owner ideas of a one-day dedication to FoDIP which a portion of the day’s proceeds would be donated to FoDIP.  Date to be determined.  Also looking at other restaurant(s).  All we have to do is encourage many of our neighbors to dine out at these restaurants.

New Business

Broward Parks Dept. Update: 

 Although Hurricane Irma did quite a bit of tree damage to Deerfield Island Park, the park plans to reopen Oct. 21st!  Armagan has been very hard at work removing debris from trails and trimming the hanging branches from many tree tops.  Safety is their #1 priority.  Katharine will write an article for our website updating us on the hurricane damage. 

Katharine has been in direct contact with JM Enterprise and the Parks Department updating the status of the walkway and additional information on the future nature center.  She was very excited to suggest  that all members will want to be present at our next November meeting!  A Park’s Department Representative will be revealing a look at the plans for the future nature center and ADA compliant walkway. 

Logo Shirts:  We still have 3 brand new shirts for sale ($24 each)

Next Meeting:  Friday November 10 at 10:00am HCC Clubhouse

Meeting Adjourned at 12:00 pm

Submitted: 10/13/17

Karen Hutson