DIP Board Meeting, Friday, May 5, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 10:30 a.m.  Board members present were Ira Wechterman, Fred Kraske, Mel Nass and Karen Hutson.  Other members present were Helene Wechterman and Mary Mendoza.

Ira opened the meeting announcing two Agenda Items:

1.  Introduction of 3 Broward County Parks Department Staff  (all associated with Easterlin Park, Quiet Waters Park, and Deerfield Island Park).

  • Eric Westberg (Parks Superintendent)
  • John Caprio  (Senior Park Manager)
  • Katharine Hendrickson (Park Manger Associate)

These staff members gave us an update on the plans for creating a research and educational center on the island.

Points of Discussion with FoDIP Group:

  • $45K from JM Enterprise is still designated for ADA walkway to Nature Center.  Emphasized how these particular projects have to go through months of a bidding process and then approval of commission. 
  • $40K also from JM Enterprise is designated primarily for indoor exhibits inside the future Education Nature Center. (mangrove exhibit, historical exhibit, gopher tortoise exhibit., some rotating exhibits to keep tourist interest in returning).
  • Proposed we adopt the Parks  “Eco-Action” days for future volunteer events.
  • Katharine mentioned that Parks Dept. is working on a “Meet and Greet” for several local “Friends” Groups coming this Fall.
  • Butterfly Garden sign is being redone.
  • Some Long Term Goals include :  Educational Nursery,  setting up a Coastal Dune Area, Removal of some Australian Pines.  


2.     Brochure Discussion – FoDIP group reviewed pamphlet page by page making a few minor changes.  Helene will be using a new program “Publisher” (a cost of $43) approved by group so these changes can be completed. 


Board Meeting Adjourned at 11:45


Next Board Meeting is scheduled for June 16 at 10:00 a.m. at HCC.


Respectfully Submitted by

Karen Hutson, recording secretary