Minutes          FoDIP Board Meeting – January 12, 2018

Attendance:  Board Members Present:  Ira Wechterman, Fred Kraske, Mel Nass, Karen Hutson

Absent:  Lynn Allen, Meryl Kafka, Pat McGonigal

Approx. 10 attendees (members and visitors)

Meeting called to order at 10:00 am in HCC Clubhouse


President Ira: 

1. Ira conducted a tour on DI with 2 reporters from Deerfield Magazine.  Hope to have an article in February’s issue; also to report on Nature Center at it’s opening.

2. Received a call from JM Family Enterprises Inc.  They will be sending a check for $40,000 to complete the balance of the $85,000 grant for walkway and Nature Center.

3 Ira will be presenting a program at the Deerfield Beach Historical Society on Wednesday, January 17 at Town Hall.  All are welcome.

4. Ira managed to secure a “NO cost” booth at “Pioneer Days” for the 3- day event beginning Feb. 16-18. Mel has agreed to schedule staff for these three days.  Several volunteers are needed…call Mel Nass to schedule a time to work the booth!!  One or two kayaks will be placed in front of booth for display.

5. Lynn will demonstrate to board members how to utilize the mobile payments device.

6. FoDIP made a motion to discuss additional brochure purchase after this “Pioneer Day” event. No second to the motion.

7. Kristen Hoff will be conducting a FL Master Naturalist Certification on Deerfield Island on Feb. 25th.  Info. available at www.masternaturalist.ifasufl.edu


Helene Wechterman gave a year-end-report.  FoDIP has proudly given $49,000 to DIP (JM Enterprise, Inc. donation and FoDIP money raised toward chairs and benches).  We currently have approx. $6,800 in checking.  Wingspan Project has approx. $1,300.

Membership: Report from Emily

51 Current Annually Active Members; 13 Lifetime Members

11 Renewal notices for January; 23 renewals for February

Outreach: Mel Nass and Meryl Kafka

Meryl has made arrangements for a Century Village Nature Club event on March 8 at 1:00.  She will also arrange for entrance thru guard gate.  Light lunch provided.  Katharine H.  will be the speaker.

Fund Raising:  Karen Hutson has contact with “Sticky Buns’ Restaurant for a FoDIP Dedication Day…probably February 20th.  Will be giving out exact date very soon.   We will be encouraging all neighbors, friends, etc. to simply eat a meal at this café on this date and they will donate a portion of proceeds to FoDIP.  Flyers will be handed out at “Pioneer Days”.   Also in contact with Island Water Sports…marketing manager has expressed interest in making donation.

Ambassadors: Fred Kraske

Encouraged members to sign up.  Possibly another Ambassador Training class In February.  Ambassadors will have access to the mobile payment device. A protocol for use will be created.

 Communication:  Helene Wechterman

 Current Ambassadors are asked to give Helene a small positive write-up of their experience on the island. She will be sending out another Constant Contact reminder to sign up. 

Park Update - Katharine Hendrickson

Bench set up needs to be secured with stainless steel chains in February.

Discussion on how to incorporate mobile device machine for donations/memberships on island.  TBD with Lynn Allen. 

Reminder of boat policy to island (10:00 – 4:00 every hour on the hour generally).  With a maximum of two runs per hour if busy.  Call ahead if large group.

Parks Department is providing FoDIP with a sign holder to go inside our current kiosk.

First Aid Kit should be in kiosk for quick retrieval.


Hillsboro Cove Condominium resident hike on island is scheduled thru HCC social committee for Saturday, March 17th from 9:00-12 noon. Coffee and donuts will be served.

Providing water bottles for purchase at kiosk will continue for fund raising.

FoDIP will continue as usual with donation box and encouragement for donations.  No specific sign will be added for now. 

Chamber of Commerce membership will be discontinued for now.


Date for FoDIP night hike with naturalists is Friday, March 23 at 7:30-8:30pm.   Meet at Sullivan Park. Maximum of 15 hikers. (included: s’mores and water).


Concerns in regard to boat operations, injury, and theft around the island should be brought to the attention of Broward Parks Department.  They are attempting to track these incidents for future resolution. 

February 16 - next FoDIP meeting at Pioneer Days!!  Meet at HCC Clubhouse at 10:00

March 9 – Bylaws and Elections FoDIP Meeting

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Hutson