Minutes FoDIP Board Meeting – January 11, 2019

Board Members Present:  Ira Wechterman, Pat McGonigal, Merryl Kafka, Fred Kraske, Karen Hutson

DIP Park:  Katharine and Armagon

Guests:  Eleanor F., Bob B., Peggy R., Helene W., Bruce H., Lenny W.

Presidents Report:  Ira Wechterman

  • More FoDIP collared shirts in various sizes are here and available for purchase ($24 each).  Several shirts were purchased at meeting.
  • Ira has completed an application for a possible “drawing” of a $500 win from the 4imprint shirt company.
  • Caroline will be looking at future Grant opportunities.  All members are also encouraged to be on the lookout for other grants.
  • Currently under Broward County Parks Dept. for “workman’s comp” if any injury were to happen to a member on the island they are covered. Very important for all volunteering FoDIP members to sign in each time they are coming to the island for an assigned time to work.  The book with sign-in sheets will now be placed on shuttle for our convenience.
  • Will be pursuing information on a reasonable cost non-profit insurance plan for FoDIP. 
  • New signage including Holy Goldberg as a Patron.
  • Ambassadors are encouraged to walk/talk a bit with tourists as they enter the island.
  • FODIP will be writing a check to DB High School to support yearbook add.  Their Key Club was very helpful at our recent Coastal Cocktails (amount TBD).

Vice President:  Pat McGonigal

Coastal Cocktails Group Review:  All volunteers were diligent, on time, and flexible.  FoDIP agreed that Pat worked tirelessly and created an atmosphere for success!  Beautiful Event ??.  The following are a few considerations for a future event…

  • Raffle and silent auction in same area
  • Use big tent close to food area
  • Repeat the VIP list
  • Boarding List to be used again but reevaluated
  • Choose date with less competing local events
  • Reevaluate touring options
  • Improvement of microphone system
  • Possible visible sticker to be placed on each event participant

Treasurer: Lynn Allen

No report today

Outreach:  Mel Nass

He will be contacting volunteers to schedule time slots at booth for Pioneer Days (Feb. 15-17).Some items will be organized and brought to Pioneer Days booth for “donations”.

Membership and Communications:  Helene Wechterman

Sent out 13 Renewals for January.  Sent out 24 Renewals for February.  Several new members through the Coastal Cocktail event.

Education:  Merryl Kafka

Two Projects coming soon –

  1. New Microscope will be purchased by Merryl and delivered to Katharine’s office this week. Plankton net will be used from the dock and brought to microscope for observation at kiosk area.
  2. Bio Boxes – Various specimens in clear boxes used for observation.  FoDIP members are asked to look for any biological appropriate specimen to add to this collection.  Merryl will be organizing a recognition chart to coordinate with these bio boxes.

May begin these with simple rock recognition to see how this project will logistically work.  Also, may need two ambassadors on duty for these projects to be fully operational and safe keeping of materials.

Reminder to take advantage of as many local educational classes or programs as opportunities arise. Please wear your official FoDIP shirts to any applicable courses you may attend.

BROWARD Parks and Recreation:  Katharine Hendrickson

She has met with contractors for boardwalk on the island and they are very anxious to get started. Just waiting on logistics of getting their equipment to island.  The boardwalk will pretty much remain “in place” meaning there will be just a small opportunity for widening due to the need for preservation of the mangroves. 

“Tortoise Talks” will begin shortly (schedule soon).  These will be coordinated with interns at Nova and FAU and located outdoor classroom on island. Updates on DIP tortoise information the last few weeks has exploded. (i.e. mysterious egg shells, tortoise with a huge mandible, etc.). 

Camera Bi-Weekly (Mondays)  -  We are welcome to come observe this 12 camera mapping of tortoises and their burrow choices.  Tend to see several active tortoises during this camera time.

April 10th is now an Official Gopher Tortoise Day!  DIP will be celebrating on April 6 (open on Saturday).  Make plans to attend all the activities on the island. FoDIP will be looking at fund raising ideas such as selling bottled water and hot dogs and ??  Maybe “Tony the Tortoise” delivery!

FWC Gopher Tortoise App – a GPS for tortoise mapping in FL (32 on DIP)

Double Page Workbook is almost complete

Putting together a “Bird Friendly Initiative” - workshops

“Birds and Beaks” – Hands On workshop for those training to be a DIP tour guide.   January 15 (10-12:00)

Old Business

Each FoDIP Board Member will be committing to at least one-half day shift per month as an Ambassador.

Public Tours - Katharine will be posting a flyer for announcing the opportunity for a one- hour tour given by a volunteer on DIP on the 3rd Saturday of the month.  May is still open for a tour guide to sign up.

FoDIP T-shirts are still being considered for use on warmer days.  Karen and Helene brought in a few choices for discussion with group and will be obtaining more information soon to share with FoDIP.

New brochures will be ordered soon but will not be able to have them for Pioneer Days.

New Business:

Helene suggested that FoDIP create an educational program for local high school students (starting with Key Club and/or Nature Club) to train to become a DIP Ambassador.  This would be a serious environmental internship with particular sign-up hours and possible community service hours recorded – a great resume builder.   Ira and Merryl will be coordinating contact with Kerri Gordon (Key Club representative) at DBHS.

Deerfield Island Park has doubled its tourism rate in the last year. Due to this increase, it is more difficult for park employees to meet some island needs.  Ira will draft a letter to Dan West to address some of these staffing needs.

Next Meeting:  February 8, 2019    10:00 a.m.     9:30 ferry         Nature Center