A Message From the President


May 5,2017


Sunday, April 30, marked the first time since FODIP was founded, slightly more than 2 years ago,  that we were able to have an, on- island educational and social brunch for our members.  This kind of event had to wait until the shuttle was repositioned back to Sullivan Park for us as a group, to enjoy Deerfield Island as we envision its future as a wilderness Nature Center.  

The morning began with a introductory welcome and coffee, bagels ,and donuts for the 30+ members in attendance.   After a presentation by Doug Young of Broward County Parks and Recreation, and myself regarding the importance of the strangler fig in a tropical forest, an exploration of  Deerfield Island was enjoyed by all.

At the Friday, May 5, 2017 board workshop,  Eric Westberg and Katharine Hendrickson introduced to the FODIP board, John Caprio, newly appointed as Park Supervisor for Quiet Waters Park, Deerfield Island  Park, and Easterlin Park.   This was a most informative meeting considering all the programs and plans for Deerfield Island.  As with all things requiring approvals,  patience will be a virtue.

The FODIP  brochure was reviewed by all present, and will be updated.  All board members will receive a proof for review, before going to the printer.

The Ambassador program is beginning, but complete scheduling may have to be delayed due to the departure of many of our volunteers to cooler climes. 


Ira Wechterman, President