A Message From the President


April 1, 2018

Our efforts over the past 3 years are bearing fruit.  Our outreach efforts at Farmer’s Markets, newspaper articles, community events and the slide show presentations to community groups have attracted enough attention that Deerfield Island Park is now in the focus of many of our local organizations.  So much so, that we are being sought after to plan events at Deerfield Island.

Sunday, March 18, FoDIP (Friends of Deerfield Island Park) was invited to participate in Kiwanis’s Family Day at Sullivan Park.  We erected our tent near the ferry and were the focus of many participants to this free event, encouraging visits to DI, displaying our brochure and other activities.  I saw many familiar faces from my presentations to Kiwanis, Deerfield Beach Women’s Club and the Deerfield Beach Historical Society.

Although many members of these groups knew about Deerfield Island Park, they were unfamiliar with the changes that are going on and all the exciting plans for it’s future.  FoDIP is changing perceptions.  So much so, that I was encouraged to plan a coordinated event with some of these groups on Deerfield Island Park for this coming April. Stay tuned.

Thursday, March 22, Katharine Hendrickson, naturalist and DI Park Manager, Barbara Collins,  Helene Wechterman and I, explored the island to observe the progress being made and to plan for group explorations of the island.  Two new trails have been opened (see the “Did You Know” column), new signage has been installed, trail clearing and invasive removal has begun.  Hired work crews have accomplished much more than we as volunteers could ever do. The conversion of the caretakers dwelling to become the year-round Nature Center is the most striking development on the island.  Clean and freshly painted walls, rooms for meetings, exhibits, and research areas have been designated.  There is a full working kitchen, and an office and storage area for FoDIP. The chairs and benches that we purchased are ready for educational programs, both here and in the outdoor classroom.

My next community outreach is a presentation at the Deerfield Beach library on Earth Day, Saturday April 28 at 2:00 pm. All are welcome.

Our efforts and vision is now shared.  Thank you all.