From the President

                                                                                                                                                            April 2019

The Friends of Deerfield Island Park” is now beginning its 5th year as a non-profit community group. One of the things the years have taught us is PATIENCE.  “ Patience” is a wonderful virtue.   Plans are being made, contracts being finalized, and we are anxiously awaiting progress on many improvements to our Urban Wilderness. All of this takes time, however.

 Visitors to Deerfield Island Park have been enthusiastic about the new Wingspan Exhibit. As a three dimensional, touchable exhibit, visitors, adults and children alike, all treasure their inclusion in their “Where Do You Fit In?” photograph.

The arrival of “Tony The Tortoise “ will create another opportunity for visitors to take a fun photograph as a memory of their visit to Deerfield Island Park.  This 1400 lb. lawn statue, brought down from the Pocono Mts. of Pennsylvania,  will become the island’s mascot and a symbol of our Gopher Tortoise Sanctuary. 

Other new projects include: 

1. Construction of an ADA compliant walkway to the Nature and Research Center.

2. Redesign and reconfiguration of the Nature and Research Center.

3. Redesign and reconfiguration of the Marina.

4. Removal and Reconstruction of the Mangrove Walkway, closed 16 years since hurricane Wilma.

5. Creation of the “Little dig on DIP,  an archeological adventure for children and adults to explore.

All these projects have already been approved and are fully funded with grants from JM Family Enterprises,  F.I.N.D. (Florida Inland Navigational District),  BROWARD County Parks and Recreation Department.   Coordination of these projects require the use of a barge and crane.  Time scheduling and material deliveries require diligent planning…..and PATIENCE.

Our group has not been idle.  Our participation in “Pioneer Days”  proved to be a successful adventure.  Many long-time residents and visitors were not aware of Deerfield Island Park, its existence or location.  This 3-day event was staffed by our volunteer members and proved to be a rewarding experience for them and everyone who visited our booth.   Our participation at  “Kiwanis Family Day” at Sullivan Park introduced many of their member families to the wonders of Deerfield Island Park.

We have trained member volunteer guides to provide nature tours to visitors.  Working with park staff, “Survivor Island” has become an adventure for our volunteers and the groups that attend this program. 

We have a lot more plans  and we are always seeking additional members with new ideas.  We will train you to enjoy this wonderful park and share it with others.  Click here to contact us…… and follow us on Facebook.  


Ira Wechterman