From the President


                                                             January 2019


The year 2018 ended on a very positive note.  Many of the goals we have set for the year have been met.   Our first community Coastal Cocktails event, despite cancelation and rescheduling at a very busy holiday period, was a huge success.  Our Event Coordinator and Vice President, Pat McGonigal,  volunteered for this task and did a fabulous job.  Because of the rescheduling, we thought it would be a financial loss.  Pat’s knowledge and acumen allowed us to not only cover our costs, but to make a substantial profit.  This will be put to use on other Deerfield Island Park projects.

Our first major DIP educatIonal exhibit, the Wingspan, has been dedicated and is now available for children and adults to visit find “How do YOU measure up?”.  See details elsewhere on the website.

Tony the Tortoise, a 1400 lb. lawn sculpture originally found in the Pocono Mountains, is resting comfortably at Quiet Waters Park awaiting transportation to Deerfield Island.  The cost of moving Tony from the Pocono mountains was covered by generous donations from Lynn and Andy Siebert,  Amie Kay Tanner, and the Kiwanis Club of Deerfield Beach.

2019 promises to be exciting.  We now have a group of trained volunteer guides for educating visitors to Deerfield Island, taking them on tours, and showing and explaining the affects of invasive species on native populations.  We are able to schedule individual group tours when needed and tailor tours to each group.

The month of January marks the beginning of the reconstruction of the Mangrove Walkway, by F.I.N.D. and the BROWARD County Parks and Recreation Department.

The walkway, closed since hurricane Wilma over 15 years ago, is the crown jewel of Deerfield Island Park  and many are unaware of its existence. It meanders through the mangroves where visiting birds roost and nest.  The barge and crane that are needed for this construction will also be the means by which “Tony the Tortoise” will fly to to Deerfield Island. 

The marina will also be reconfigured to allow for easier access for all visitors.  The slope of the ramp will be more gradual, allowing for wheel chairs and the elderly to enjoy the benefits of the park.

A great many other things are in the works.  I invite you ALL to come and join us, to contribute your ideas and be a part of this wonderful undertaking  to make DEERFIELD ISLAND PARK a true URBAN WILDERNESS educational and adventurous community experience.


Happy New Year to all !!!!


Ira Wechterman